Bank of Scotland Children’s International Theatre Festival

A bumper year for Scottish work, the 2002 programme boasted memorable, magical shows that inspired children and theatre makers for many years to follow.

Below, playwright and Royal Lyceum Artistic Director David Greig remembers the moments that sparked his imagination.

Did you know… ?

Dougie Irvine remembers Visible Fictions putting on Song from the Sea: “The audience didn’t want to leave the space at the end. Everyone wanted to hover around the set and see the puppets, they were fascinated. There was such a warm glow in the room.”

TAG Theatre and David Greig - Dr Korczak's Example
Wee Stories and Virginia Radcliffe - Wee Witches
Visible Fictions - The Song from the Sea
Wee Stories - Treasure Island
Meridiano Teatret - Our Wonderful World
Travelling Light - Walking The Tightrope
Teater Patrasket - A Strange Man
Shona Reppe - Cinderella
Cahoots N.I. - Buster
Peter Rinderknecht - Portofino Ballad