Edinburgh International Children’s Festival

What’s in a name?

In 2017 the Festival got (another!) new name, this time as part of an important re-brand that differentiated the Festival from Imaginate’s year-round work as a national organisation. Although the Festival has a high international profile, local audiences and new generations of parents aren’t as familiar with the Imaginate name; the new branding clarifies exactly what audiences can expect from a visit to the Children’s Festival.

Edinburgh – celebrating the Festival’s location
International – reflecting the Festival’s truly global outlook
Children – giving a platform to excellent performances created specifically for children and young people
Festival – recognising the Festival as part of a network of major festivals, in the world’s leading festival city

Wee Night Out

2017 saw the culmination of the first Wee Night Out project. It brought together a team of young people (aged 10-15) from Craigmillar who saw lots of performances during the 2016 Festival Fringe before selecting their two favourites (Evil and Into the Water) to be presented at the Children’s Festival, as well at Lyra in Craigmillar. Watch the video below to hear them tell the story in their own words…

Did you know…?

Since 2017, the new Imaginate at… Residencies have placed artists with organisations and venues like Birds of Paradise, The Work Room, Citymoves, The Tron, and The National Theatre of Scotland.

Up & Over It - Into the Water
Festival goers enjoying a day out. c. Colin Hattersley
Second Hand Dance - Grass
After seeing Loo at the Assembly Roxy. c. Colin Hattersley
Het Filiaal - Falling Dreams
Folketeatret - Evil
Barrowland Ballet - Little Red
Opening Weekend
Barking Gecko - Bambert's Book of Lost Stories
Laika - Narrow
Opening Weekend
Kopergietery - The Queen Has Vanished
Imaginate Festivalgoers, 31/05/2017. Photography for Imaginate (Edinburgh Interntional Childrens Festival, EICF) from: Colin Hattersley Photography - www.colinhattersley.com - cphattersley@gmail.com - 07974 957 388.
Arcosm - Bounce
Andy Manley and Theater Refleksion - Night Light
Alfredo Zinola and Felipe Gonzalez - Primo
Imaginate Delegates
Terrapin Puppet Theatre - You and Me and The Space Between
Nursery children just out after a show. c. Colin Hattersley
Q&A session at the end of a school performance c. Colin Hattersley
Children and Sniegel at the Opening day in the National Museum c. Ruth Armstrong