Bank of Scotland Imaginate Festival

Mikey and Addie by Andy Manley, Rob Evans and macrobert, and Scota-Land by Andy Cannon and Mull Theatre were created (and funded) as part of a programme surrounding the London 2012 Olympics.

Jennifer remembers, “For [Imaginate] it was was about creating two new pieces of work. Mikey and Addie went on to be a part of Made in Scotland, and it toured a lot. Scota-Land was a collaboration with Mull Theatre; it toured into schools, so before the show you’d have a workshop where you’d create artefacts that then transformed your school hall into a museum of Scota-Land! For some very rural communities there are no other venues, and the families got to come in and experience it, too”.

Did you know…?

  • French theatre company Arcosm, regular visitors to the Festival, brought a new show to Edinburgh called The Traverse, named in honour of… The Traverse!
  • The creative development team ran a pivotal trip to Denmark in 2012, enabling Scottish artists to be inspired by some brand new European theatre.
  • Spot images of the distinctive show Paperbelle, by Frozen Charlotte, in the media gallery – and then jump to 2003, if you missed the video interview with Artistic Director (and previous Imaginate trainee) Heather Fulton.
Windmill Theatre - Grug
h.g. - Trickster: Jennifer remembers this re-telling of Hansel and Gretel: "It was in the Modern Art gallery, and it was for one person at a time. It was a really beautiful, amazing experience and quite spooky, actually! There was an actual ginger bread house..."
Astons Stenar - Teater Pero
M6 Theatre Company - Sunflowers and Sheds
Stella den Haag - Rumpelstiltskin
Sally Chance Dance - This (Baby) Life
Plutot la Vie & Howden Park - By The Seat of Your Pants
Titus - Lu Kemp, Oliver Emanuel and macrobert
Frozen Charlotte - Paperbelle
Andy Cannon & Mull Theatre - Scota-land
Compagnia TPO - Kindur
Arcosm - Traverse
Andy Manley, Rob Evans & macrobert - Mikey and Addie
Ailie Cohen - Cloud Man