Bank of Scotland Children’s International Theatre Festival

My House, by Andy Manley and Starcatchers, was created whilst Starcatchers was an “experiment” in making theatre for 0-5 year olds, based out of the North Edinburgh Arts Centre and led by Rhona Matheson. Jump to 2011 to read about Starcatchers’ bumper year at the Festival.

Alice McGrath says, “My House is one of the bravest works for early years audiences that’s been made in Scotland. It just captured everyone’s imagination; everyone was utterly entranced by it.”

Did you know… ?

Festival Director Noel remembers seeing Shona Reppe’s Olga Volt performance in 2008, and then booking it for a run at the Royal Sydney Opera House

Theatre de Quartier - Glouglou
Teatret Mollen - Whistlestop
Teatret Fairplay & Gruppe 38 - Next Door
TAG Theatre - Yellow Moon
Shona Reppe - Olga Volt
Mala Scena - Parachutists
Kopergietery - Beuysband
Catherine Wheels - The Lion of Kabul
Dschungel Wien - Surprise
Compagnia Rodisio - The Wolf and the Goat
Andy Manley & Starcatchers - My House
Tangere Arts - Hood in the Wood
Scamp Theatre - Aesops Fables