Bank of Scotland Children’s International Theatre Festival

Delegate programme in full swing

A trickle of visiting industry experts in the Festival’s early years became a critical mass of attendees. The Imaginate team began curating special programmes to help people get the most out of their visit – whether they were hoping to network, swap ideas or book shows.

Paul Fitzpatrick, Imaginate’s Chief Executive, explains: “Formalising the delegate programme was a crucial moment for the Festival. The attention that the Festival got from industry professionals throughout the world – artists, festival directors or venue managers – really helped to put it on the map.  As well as giving Scottish artists and producers the opportunity to meet and share ideas with their peers from around the world, the Festival provides an incredible platform for the shows featured and is often a launchpad for international touring.”

For the theatre companies in the programme, this meeting of minds can result in fantastic opportunities. In the video below, Gill Robertson (Artistic Director of Catherine Wheels, and formerly of Visible Fictions) and Monique Corvers (Artistic Director of Het Filiaal) describe the benefits of this “gateway to the world”.

Gill Robertson (Catherine Wheels) and Monique Corvers (Het Filiaal)

Did you know…?

Tony estimates that there were five delegates in 1996…

in 2019 there are 320!


Visible Fictions - Shopping for Shoes
Puppentheater Am Meininger Theater - The Brave Tin Soldier
Schnawwl Kinder and Jugendtheater Mannheim - A Cloud's Journey
Compagni Lili Desastres - Scribble
Roberto Abbiati - The Giraffe's Journey
Them With Tails tours to Shetland
Theatergroep Max - Love
Dundee Rep & Scottish Dance Theater - Monkey
Plutot La Vie - A Clean Sweep
Gruppe 38 - The Little Match Girl
Teater Refleksion & De Rode Heste - Goodbye Mr Muffin
Tall Stories & Network of Stuff -Them With Tails
Freshmess - Triple Bill