Bank of Scotland Children’s International Theatre Festival

Since 1990, the Festival has programmed work by some of Europe’s most outstanding theatre companies.

Prestigious Danish company Gruppe 38’s production of A Sonatina was a re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood, in which the big bad wolf was played by a potato masher. A live hen was an essential part of the show, but they couldn’t bring their usual chicken over from Denmark.

So, former General Manager Tessa Rennie describes one of Imaginate’s strangest casting calls: “It was our job to find the chickens – and we had to have two female bantams because they weren’t allowed to work that many hours! Not only that, but we also had to have a cockerel to keep them happy, so we had a whole hen coop in the Garage Theatre.”

Did you know…?

The 2004 programme also included esteemed companies like Cas Public, Gruppe 38, Het Laagland, Handgemenge and Terra; find their production photos in the media gallery.

Visible Fictions - Emily's House
Travelling Light Theatre - Cloudland
Cas Public - If You Go Down to the Woods
Theatr Iolo - Bison & Sons
Theater Terra - Frog
Theater Handgemenge - Lords of the Railway
Shona Reppe - Spend a Penny
Puppen Theater der Stadt Halle - Beauty and the Beast
Het Laagland - King A
Polka Theatre - The Selfish Giant
Gruppe 38 - The Ballad of Marjan and Rob
Gruppe 38 - A Sonatina
Catherine Wheels and Brunton Theatre - Cyrano