The Scottish International Children’s Festival

Did you know…?

Click on the images in the media gallery for a closer look at the 1994 programme. This year included:

An Italian adaptation of Robinson Crusoe

The Royal National Theatre (London)’s production of Day after Tomorrow – no, not an early version of the 2004 film

and Turak Theatre’s incredible object manipulation!

Turak Theatre - The Theatre of Objects
Pop-Up Theatre - Feeling Fine
Visible Fictions - Peacemaker
Teater Pero - Orjan, The Eagle Afraid of Heights
Tiebreak Theatre - Dinosaurs on Ice
TAM Teatromusica - Robinson Crusoe
Royal National Theatre - The Day after Tomorrow
Smala et Cie - The Little Bear That Fell in Love With the Moon
Ian Turbitt's Puppet Theatre - Celtic Tales
Heather Bishop - The Belly Button Show
CATCH Theatre Company - Out of Your Face
Magic Bob
Baldy Bane Theatre Co - Island Earth. No More
Mr Boom