The Scottish International Children’s Festival

International since the very beginning

Part of the Festival Director’s job is to travel the world in search of the very best performances. For the 1993 programme, Duncan spent three weeks in China and booked the fantastic Monkey King Meets the Dragon King as a result. Over thirty years, the Festival has shown work from almost thirty different countries, and built strong relationships with artists from (nearly!) every continent. This international outlook has helped Scottish audiences to enjoy performances they may otherwise never have seen, and created lots of world-wide touring opportunities for Scottish companies, too!

Global connections like these paved the way for Imaginate and the Children’s Festival to win The Stage’s prestigious ‘International Award’ in 2018, in recognition of their fundamental commitment to international collaborations and tours.

The map below shows all the countries that have performed at the Festival between 1990-2019:

Did you know… ?

The search function in the top right corner of this timeline will help you to explore all the different countries that have been represented at the Festival! Try searching for Canada, Argentina, or New Zealand…

Headteacher Ann Moore on her history with the Festival