The Scottish International Children’s Festival

The Birthday of Infanta (by Hullaballoo Children’s Theatre) was the very first play to be specially commissioned by the Children’s Festival. The Mackintosh Commission award (funded by Broadway mogul Cameron Mackintosh) was open to any playwright, choreographer or composer in Scotland interested in creating work for children and young people. Infanta became the first in a long line of fantastic shows created in association with the Festival.

In 1992 Visible Fictions made their Children’s Festival debut with Bill’s New Frock, and have become one of the most regular Scottish companies to bring work to the Festival, with twelve shows in total. See the full list by using the magnifying glass icon to the right of the timeline above, and searching for ‘Visible Fictions’!

Artistic Director Dougie Irvine says, “I remember the smell of the tents! And that the atmosphere was amazing – you really felt this sense of celebration, and of coming together as a community of families and children and artists and balloon twisters and popcorn eaters”. It was also at the 1992 Festival that Visible Fictions met their first international booking agent, opening up a world of touring.

Did you know…?

The inflatable Eggopolis, by Architects of Air (see the media gallery!) took inspiration from Gothic cathedrals and Islamic art – but most importantly it proved a huge hit with Edinburgh’s children.



Visible Fictions - Bill's New Frock
Tiebreak Theatre - Singing in the Rainforest
Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia - Just So Stories
Richard Bradshaw - Super Kangaroo and Friends
Festival audiences meet a robot
Fred Garbo
Ludus Dance Company - Winds of Change
Edinburgh Puppet Co. - The Girl from the Sea
Hullaballoo - The Birthday of the Infanta
Naa Kahidi Theater - Fires on the Water
Dynamo Theatre - Mur-Mur, the 1992 gala performance
Dynamo Theatre - Mur-Mur, the 1992 gala performance