The Scottish International Children’s Festival

“Someone told me that the first festival is the easy one, and it’s the second one that’s the problem. Boy was that true!” Founder Duncan Low sees the second festival as his biggest success – it was imperative to prove that the first year wasn’t a fluke.

Luckily, lots of people were ready to help the Festival team run things smoothly. In the early years, about 60 volunteers helped to keep the show on the road – and many became a part of the family. In the media gallery (first row, third image) you’ll find a photograph of Marion and Kim attending the 1991 festival. Twenty nine years later, Marion is a volunteer and Kim has performed at the Festival with her own theatre company. Watch them speak about “coming full circle” in the video below, and read more about our current volunteer scheme by jumping to 2019.

From visiting to volunteering and performing

Do you remember… ?

  • HRH Prince Phillip attended this year’s Gala performance of Faust.
  • Lots of outdoor activities, from ball ponds to painting, entertained the crowds while they waited for the main stage performances.
  • Theatre companies visited from Argentina, Australia and the USA, as well as Europe, bringing dance, theatre, puppetry and inflatable antics.